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Audio - Video - EDL Specs


Embedded AAF 

Non-embedded AAF/OMF can’t be open in Protools
10 seconds handles minimum 

48 khz - 24bits Preferred. [Other format will be converted at the studio]

Breakdown the OMF/AAF export in more than 1 file  [1-2, then 3-4...] if needed to not exceed the 2Gb file limit.

A lined Script and All Sound Dailies Audio Files


Avid MXF - DNxHR - DNxHD -  Apple ProRes

MP4 Not Accepted

1920 x 1080

23.98 [23.976] or what ever your final master frame rate will be

Data Rate not less than 150Mbit/s

Very Small window Time Code at the TOP [See picture below]

Academy Leader with 2 pop

Separate Dial on the Left Channel and everything else on the Right Channel

Time Code Window


Video Edit EDL:

Format/Type: Frame count: CMX3600, SMPTE File32 or any text based format 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97…
Sort order: Master (Record In) order
Reel ID Type: Tape (Sound Roll)

FYI: When the EDL is being used to conform (assemble) location WAV files, the Reel ID (roll name) of each event needs to contain the Tape or Sound Roll meta data stored in each WAV file. If this is not available, an alternative way to link the files is to export the WAV filename in the comments of each event.

Dupe List Type: None

Options: Export Clip Name in comments

Optimization: Dissolves as Cuts and Wipes as Cuts

Audio/Video Tracks: A/V lists can be loaded. Unused tracks can be deleted

Export both Video and Audio EDL's


Protools Session [Preferred] 48Khz - 24Bits - Wav files labelled with Time Code location in the film. 

Stereo Delivery: 1 Audio file of the full mix and up to 8 separated instruments stems matching the full mix.

2 Pop Audio Reference

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