American Pie


The Book of Love

Serbian Scars

LA Screening

April 2009


Marc Dacasco

Route 30

Directed by

John Putch


Curtis Armstrong


Kevin Rham

during  ADR

Nov 2008

Golden Reels Awards


GRA for Best Sound Editing

"Drawn Together"

The Technicolor Team

Richard Anderson received an GRA by Marc Mangini for his Achievement.

Clint Eastwood

was honored a GRA


Linha De Passe

(Walter, Gustavo, Frank, Patrick)

Rio de Janeiro

Mar-Apr 2008

... I trust that the "gods of production" will smile on me once more & I will be able to work with you again...

Warmest Regards,

David  Worth

The Legend of

Simon Conjurer

Technicolor Isabel

(Morgan, Willie, Jon, Stuart, Patrick, Michael)

ADR Session - Jan 2005

Things About My Folks

Technicolor Isabel

(Paul, Patrick, Raymond, Eddie)


Mix Stage - Feb 2005

Blind Horizon Technicolor - Isabel

(Patrick, Neve)

ADR Session July 2003

Motorcycle Dairies

Vine Street Studio - Stage A

The last day of the mix, August 2003

(Patrick, Todd, Walter, Frank, Patricio, Graham)

"Sound work is exemplary" Todd McCarthy,

Frosty Little

The Last Master Clown

Frosty, Pat & Patrick

Idaho, Aug 5th, 2005

Loosing Chase Showtime Original Feature Directed by Kevin Bacon

HBO's Tales From The Crypt Produced by Bob Zemeckis and Gil Adler

Perversions of Sciences episode: Boxed In Directed by William Shatner

Mojave Phone Booth

Directed by

John Putch


Annabeth Gish

David DeLuise

Missy Pyle

Jacleen Haber

Steven Guttenberg

Ruby Jean & Joe Showtime Original Feature Produced and Starring Tom Selleck

Green Dragon Directed by Timothy Bui Produced and Starring Forest Whitaker

 Countess Dracula 3AM after the commentaries recording session September 2003 (Patrick, Don, Glorianne, Dean)

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 - (DVD restoration) Directed by Jeff Burr

The Last Outlaw Showtime Original Feature Directed by Goeffrey Murphy

Another Midnight Run Christopher McDonald

Las Lloronas Monkeyland Audio Stage A September 2003 (Beau, Jimena, Frank, Patrick, Lorena)

The Serious Tour - Phil Collins' Band: - Michael "Rahmlee" Davis center standing




Dwight Yoakam


August 2004



Jerri Manthey

Karen Michel

Randy Carter

Peter Rocca


Mimi " The Magnificiant" Lesseos